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Passive Class

The website of the Directorate General for Personnel Costs and Public Pensions offers detailed and updated information on the different types of services that we manage:

  • Pensions under the Spanish Passive Class System
  • Pensions stemming from special Civil War legislation
  • Aid for the victims of violent crimes and crimes against sexual freedom
  • Alimony Payment Guarantee Fund advances

You may also obtain the forms required to apply for these benefits and learn about the regulations governing them and the administrative procedure used for their recognition or to calculate the amount of your future pension, if you are a government official nearing retirement; moreover, you can consult the various announcements of benefits made by the State Government, Mutual Insurance Companies for State Employees and the Autonomous Communities.

We will also inform you of the news and all the latest developments affecting public pensions or that could be of interest to pensioners.


Las pensiones de clases pasivas experimentarán en 2016, con carácter general, un incremento del 0,25%, en los términos que se indican en la Ley 48/2015, de Presupuestos Generales del Estado para 2016 y en el Real Decreto 1169/2015, sobre revalorización y complementos de pensiones para el año 2016